Sony WH 1000XM2 HeadPhone Review

Does the Sony WH 1000XM2 headset have downsides? Yes, there were drawbacks even in this modern device. And the main drawback which users call – the cost of the device (from 25,000 rubles). Everything else in headphones is perfect so that other models do not even want to look.


  1. Device design and ergonomics
  2. Available features and controls
  3. software
  4. Using a headset
  5. Sound quality
  6. battery
  7. findings


Device design and ergonomics

Device design and ergonomics

Matte body of cups, a pleasant touch of a headband with a metal body, embroidered with eco-skin – altogether, it gives the device a premium look. However, some users would prefer that instead of leather used natural skin, which is more durable and looks really expensive.

In these headphones, you can adjust the height of the headband and change the angle of the cup tilt – the design is folding. Metal forks can be pushed a large number of times; they are of high strength and reliability.

To the owners of the device, as rarely as possible, inadvertently touch the touchpad. The regulators are located much higher than the cups, closer to the middle of the headband.

Some doubts about the duration of operation arise in users, often putting headphones in the case. People worry about hinge connections and the need to turn the earpiece. But practice shows that even with multiple turns/folds, the device retains its functions and is not damaged.

Complete with headphones, the buyer receives:

  • USB cable to connect the charger;
  • A tight zippered case with markings inside to properly stack the headset;
  • Standard wire with 3.5 mm plug;
  • operating instructions.

Inside the case, there is also a short instruction in the pictures explaining how you can control the headphones, what actions are available to the sensor. The case seems small. It barely accommodates folded headphones. It is good that the cables have external pockets; however, not all owners notice them and therefore complain about the small capacity of the case.

There are at least some keys on the headphone cups. The right is a touchpad and a slot for charging, the left earpiece – the noise cancellation button and the key. Also on the left is a port for a quick connection of the device via Bluetooth – NFC. The earbuds “under the skin” are quite strong, according to users.

But they have a disadvantage – with long-term wear. There is a creaking of friction on the human skin. We have to take off our headphones and relax.

In general, the time of use of the device in different users is very different. Some claim to be sitting in the headset all night enjoying watching movies, while someone complains of pressure on their ears and can withstand no more than an hour in headphones.

Although the earbuds of the oval shape completely cover the ears, they sit well and do not squeeze the head. But active noise cancellation can cause minor discomfort in sensitive people, so rest is required.


Available features and controls

The touch control in the headset is well designed. All possible gestures are made on the right cup. It’s available to control both the iPhone and Android.

Gestures standard:

  • Swipe up with your finger – increase the volume one step by step;
  • Swipe the cup with your finger down – reduce the volume on the division;
  • gestures to the right/left – switching tracks forward/back;
  • A long press in the middle is a call to the mobile assistant.
  • In the middle – pause and answer the call at double-tapping.

It is good that the touchpad is quite responsive. There is no need to “insert” the earpiece in the ear to take the call. But because of the high sensitivity of the control touchpad, users have problems: by correcting their hair, random gesture, people remove music from the pause. Moreover, the increase in bulk on the steps is not very convenient, for this provides a certain gesture – to hold the az up the cup and hold the finger at the top point.

Users pay special attention to the noise-canceling feature, which is organized in these headphones with the help of automatic adjustment of the Sound Smart Listening. Thanks to this function, the headset achieves not just sound insulation but selective suppression of certain noises.

Depending on what the owner needs, the street noise is eliminated, or the sounds of the world around you are amplified.

Owners are comfortable with the function: in the subway car, you can amplify only the sound of the human voice. This will allow you not to miss your stop and, at the same time, enjoy the music without being distracted by the train buzz.

Several automatic scenarios are activated when noise cancellation is turned on:

  • While traveling with the complete elimination of sounds;
  • Waiting period with noise cancellation “half”;
  • walk – with partial removal of the sounds of the world around.

When the noise cancellation is activated, the sound quality does not deteriorate. On the contrary, the melodies begin to sound more voluminous, natural sound shades and half-tones are preserved. The noise-posing adapts to atmospheric pressure, not pressing the eardrums but creating an acoustically adapted scene.

As in the previous model MDR-1000X, the inclusion of external microphones is provided. To start this function, it is enough to attach the palm to the right cup.

Using a wired connection can save battery life. Significantly the functionality and quality of playback do not change. The “G”-shaped cable is convenient to connect to mobile devices. The wire is thick and durable.



Smart software is another positive thing for which users especially appreciate the headset. For Android-based mobile devices, the Sony Headphones Connect app is available.

It can:

  • Set up surround sound
  • Adjust the sound with an equalizer.
  • Choose a specific codec.
  • Manage the player
  • Optimize the scene
  • set up noise cancellation.

The application is easy to use, intuitive. SBC, LDAC codecs provide stable connectivity. However, keep in mind that when Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are turned on simultaneously, communication can occur on your phone.

It’s a little surprising that the headset doesn’t match with Sony PlayStation 4. Therefore, video game lovers have to settle for laptops and computers. Or use a wired connection.

A melodic female voice reports the level of charge and incoming calls. It’s a pity that English is used by default, but users get used to it.


Using a headset

The microphone of the device works quite well. The speech transmits in full, without capturing practically the sounds of the world around. The only thing is that the interlocutors can hear the caller’s voice and uniform background noise in the moments when the voice of the caller does not sound.


Sound quality

Sound quality

The Sony WH 1000XM2 headphones are often compared to the Bose headset, which has a great buzz. But the sound quality, according to the owners, is still higher for Sonia. In terms of speakers, this device is considered one of the best among wireless devices.

According to the owners:

  • “The sound is just great: clean, deep, with optimal frequency balance. The headphones don’t work when even at maximum volume. There is a smooth sound, without distortion.”
  • “Basov is not enough. But it does not greatly affect the quality of music playback. The scene is quite wide. You can customize all the data to yourself in the app’s built-in equalizer.”
  • “Perfect sound for a class of devices equipped with noise cancellation. The frequencies are balanced, display everything you need for different musical genres.”

Headphones make it easy to listen to music on the subway and enjoy listening to your favorite tunes at home and even dance. During active movements, the data transmission does not deteriorate, and sound playback quality remains at its height.



Music in headphones can be listened to for almost a week without charging the device, even if you spend on the way to work more than two hours even if you watch movies at night. Users can appreciate just a huge amount of battery – 30 hours of active work.

Since there is a long period of work of the device on standby, you can get the headphones lying in the case and immediately use them. Some users claim only to charge their headphones once a month. Up to 100% of the device is charged in 4 hours, while charging can not be used.



Sony WH 1000XM2 headphones are practically the best sound in this price category (and in smaller devices), noise, unparalleled, and comfortable. They will suit music fans, demand sound quality, and use a wireless headset in everyday life.

The headset is not for sports or professional work with music. Device – to relax from hard work, eliminate the compulsive noise of the world, get rid of vanity and boredom.

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