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TVs are rarely bought, so their choice should be approached carefully. Many buyers are often concerned about whether Sony or LG TVs are better. To draw the right conclusion, it is recommended to consider the pros and cons of the models of these manufacturers.


Pros and cons of Sony and LG TVs

Sony tv

Japanese brand Sonia has long been operating in the market and has already earned the title of innovator in digital technologies. The company adheres to the classic design but is not afraid to experiment with the filling. Models are updated every year, offering users a lot of progressive solutions.

Benefits of Sony models:

  • 4K Ultra HD resolution
  • Productive processors
  • A large selection of TVs;
  • Reliability
  • Service
  • A well-thought-out fastener
  • Versatility.

But there are drawbacks:

  • High price, not the best optimization.

LG manufactures televisions in South Korea. Digital and computer technology allowed the company to take high positions in the lists of in-demand brands. As a result, TVs are produced relatively recently. However, the company does not have many competitors in this area.

LG pioneered the introduction of OLED technology to create ultra-thin screens. No other company produces such matrixes. And all OLED TVs of other brands use the base from LG.

The merits of the brand:

  • Continuous adoption of innovative technologies
  • Simple device management
  • Excellent 3D TV creations
  • High-quality lighting with LEDs;
  • Thoughtful service
  • relatively low price.


  • Smart TV is not the best technology.
  • Sometimes there are failures;
  • poorly designed equipment.

It is difficult to talk about the pros and cons without being tied to a particular model. After all, depending on the price and functionality of the TV, some qualities will be more significant.


Comparison of Sony and LG TV features


To create a complete picture of the models of each brand, it is better to compare LG and Sony TVs on specific characteristics.

The brightness of the image

LG’s devices allow you to fine-tune the color and brightness of the screen. But the lack of a clear range can complicate this procedure. But with the right approach, contrast and brightness can be set to a high level, which will provide comfortable viewing of any gear.

Sony TVs are good at conveying the image without settings. Therefore, this item is on the menu but seldom required by the user.


viewing angle

Both manufacturers, until recently, created plasma TVs with a relatively small viewing angle. However, the introduction of OLED technology has helped to get rid of this problem. Such models allow you to watch television from almost any angle without changing color transmission.

LG uses motion transfer technology in its devices, which reduces the impact of glare and eliminates blur. Sony uses an anti-glib system for this purpose. And despite the different approaches to solving the problem, the result is about the same.



TVs of each brand come with different resolutions. There are no differences in this parameter. Both manufacturers can find advanced Full HD and Ultra HD, models.



It isn’t easy to imagine a comfortable viewing of the film without a high-quality speaker system. Therefore, manufacturers are trying to equip their devices with the latest developments in this area. For example, LG offers devices with an innovative surround sound system Sound zooming. This acoustics makes it possible to hear all the most insignificant sound effects.

This system is also available in the Japanese brand Sony, which achieves excellent sound even with the device’s compact size.



Now all TV manufacturers are fighting to achieve the greatest effect of “hanging” TV. This effect is associated with the width of the frames around the edges. Both Japanese and South Korean manufacturers managed to achieve a score of 1 mm. And such parameters can be seen in premium models and budget devices.


Extra functionality

The differences between the devices of the two brands are in the technical parameters and the software. However, Sony managed to create models with Android OS. This system made it easy to use the internet in a convenient format.

LG uses Webos for this purpose. It’s a system that makes it much easier to control your device.

Both brands have the following additional features:

  • HDMI ports for data transmission
  • The ability to read files from removable media;
  • Wi-Fi wireless
  • Smart TV.

LG also offers a handy remote control that combines a standard button interface with touch pointer capabilities.



Sony’s company has always directed almost all resources to the manufacture of premium-level equipment. Therefore, the price of devices is always high. In most cases, the price corresponds to the possibilities, but sometimes it may seem overpriced.

LG can find both inexpensive models and premium. The average price of a functional device of this brand starts from 25,000 rubles.


Sony or LG – which TV firm is better to choose

The final choice of TV depends on the specific needs of the user and their financial capabilities. If there is no shortage of funds, Sonia’s model guarantees a great picture and quality sound.

The LCD and LED matrix are similar in parameters, but the first one will cost less. This is because the visual difference between LED and LCD is invisible, so it doesn’t always make sense to pay more.

It is better for LED TV gamers who plan to use the screen for consoles. The high response allows you to see the picture with almost no delay. However, while watching movies, it is almost invisible.

If the contrast is fundamental, it is better to pay attention to the technique from LG. This brand has managed to achieve a dynamic coefficient that the user easily configures. The company also offers the largest diagonals on the market. Well, the price will be even lower than that of the Japanese competitor.

If you’re trying to choose Sonya or Lji’s TV, focus on your finances, room size, and other factors. Then the purchase will fully meet your expectations.

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