Samsung vs Sony TV | Which is Better?

Choosing a reliable TV, Samsung or Sonya is quite difficult because the market has much modern technology with similar characteristics and different prices. So let’s try to change the idea of popular models by analyzing the TVs of two of the world’s most famous brands.


Pros and cons of Sony TV

Sony TVs

First, let’s note several positive aspects of Sony TVs:

  • good image, uniform illumination of the entire display. Achieved by Direct LED technology;
  • High-quality sound
  • 3D function in many models
  • Attractive design and decent build quality;
  • Android operating system.

Negative reviews are very few, but they can be:

  • Some slowing down (5-10 seconds) are possible when switching channels;
  • incomprehensible remote control, but over time the owners adapt, and the inconvenience disappears;
  • A lot of weight when compared to competitors;
  • The high price of improved models.


Pros and cons of Samsung TVs

Samsung TVs

In fact, there are a lot of pros of Samsung TVs, but we will highlight the key ones:

  • Tizen’s own OS, which has a lot of applications developed specifically for this brand;
  • Touch PDU gives additional convenience of control;
  • Voice, gesture command recognition (most of the latest TV);
  • excellent color, high-quality picture, and the same sound. The display shows the image without distorting it when viewed from the outside or at any angle, even in cheap TVs;
  • quick reaction to the teams.

There are almost no cons. All devices correspond to their price. But among the owners, there are isolated complaints about:

  • Lack of instructions to the PU, and since it is very functional, it is difficult for beginners to understand how to work with it;
  • Lack of camera in some models (if there are plans to make video calls, you will have to buy this gadget as an additional one);
  • the complexity of setting up TV channels.


Comparison of Sony and Samsung TVs

We will make a small comparison of Sony and Samsung 2021 TVs based on the benefits that companies have enjoyed in the last few years.

Screen resolution

There are no definite differences in the paragraph between the two brands. They produce high-resolution Full HD TVs as well as give new products a more modern 4K technology.

Therefore, it is recommended that when buying, do not focus on the resolution of the screen. Instead, it is better to pay attention to other qualities.


Matrix type

Recently, absolutely all new products are given three types of a matrix:

  • TFT LCD (liquid crystal matrix);
  • OLED (at Sony);
  • (Samsung).

All types of screens have a decent picture quality. But OLED is considered better and more modern – the picture is obtained thanks to a thousand LEDs, which create natural colors, intense light transmission, and high resolution compared to LCD screens.

The original development of Samsung’s led lags behind as OLED, but such TVs are much cheaper. However, it is worth assessing on your own which matrix is more comfortable for the eye. If you do not understand, at first sight, it is better to buy a new type – OLED.



Both manufacturers produce TVs in different price segments, but Sonya’s good models are much more expensive than Samsung’s.

Sony also has very few budget models. Therefore, if you want to buy such a TV, it is better to choose among the inexpensive offers of Samsung.


Extra functionality

Any Sony OR Samsung TV has a variety of features. Depending on the cost, equipment, TVs can be equipped with such additional features:

  • Watch 3D video
  • Curved screen
  • Smart TV – on most TV devices;
  • Voice and gesture control (e.g., sound adjustment, call the right command);
  • high resolution.


Operating system

Each company equips TVs with a Smart OS function:

  • Samsung – Tizen;
  • Sony – Android.

Initially, it may seem that Android is familiar to everyone, and from this, it is more convenient, more practical. But it’s not. Most applications are developed for smartphones and TV programs much less, minus such OS on Smart TV.

In Tizen, the opposite is true. Samsung programmers are constantly improving their creation, adding new updates, a large number of programs.


What’s better

It is impossible to recognize the best Sony or Samsung TVs. The two brands are best-selling and have a large army of fans. Based on the disassembled qualities, we can safely say that two manufacturers produce TVs with identical characteristics, step up with the times. The difference may be:

  • price (Sony is more expensive)
  • operating system.

The main parameters that the two best manufacturers, Samsung and Sony – are allotted with their TVs. When visiting the store, it is worth paying attention to:

  • The size of the display
  • Its color, the type of matrix;
  • appearance.

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