[Guide] How to Root Micromax Yu Yureka?

The Indian Tech-Giant Micromax is quite popularly known for cheap budget Android smartphones which can offer us with the best of the stuff in the affordable price range. One such device that was recently launched is Micromax YU Yureka. Featuring a 5.5 inch IPS LCD touchscreen with a Corning Gorilla Glass 3.

Root Micromax YU Yureka

It also features a Quad-core 1.7GHz processor alongside with Aderno 405 GPU. It has a primary camera of 13 Mega-pixel while the front camera is of 5 Mega-pixel. It runs on Qualcomm MSM8939 Snapdragon 615 Chipset having 2 GB RAM and worth 16 GB of internal Memory, the Micromax YU Yureka is a power-packed device.

Being another Android gadget, the Yureka is capable of getting rooted and further user customization. Our Android devices can be exploited by rooting them which helps us to gain the administrative rights which are further required by specially written apps to do all the different mods available.

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It is although true that one loses the warranty of the device after rooting it, but for Yureka rooting is also covered under warranty so the user can easily proceed to root without any second thought.


1.) A Micromax YU Yureka running Android 4.4.4 KitKat.

2.) You will need to download the following files for proceeding ahead

  • Universal ADB Driver Installer
  • ADB and Fastboot Binary
  • CWM Recovery
  • SuperSU

Ensure that your device has at least 75% + battery and you have enabled USB debugging. To enable USB debugging go to the settings option and tap on Developer options, there you would see this option.

If Developer option isn’t listed under Settings option, go to Settings–> About Phone–> Tap the build number 4-5 times and this will enable Developer Settings.

Root Guide for Micromax YU Yureka



1.] Install ADB Drivers in your desktop/laptop (link above).

***If you have Windows 7 installed in your system, follow the below steps:

a.) Run the Universal ADB Driver Installer application you just downloaded from the above mentioned link.
b.) Connect your Yureka using data cable to your PC.
c.) Now click install in the ADB Driver application and after it finishes the setup, ADB Drivers will be installed on your PC

***If you have Windows 8 installed in your system, follow the below steps:

a.) Hover point to the top-right corner of your screen and choose Settings from sidebar.
b.) Click the last option named “Change PC Settings” and select “General” in it.
c.) Scroll down to end and find “Restart Now” under “Advanced Start up” and now your PC will be in troubleshoot mode.
d.) Once the screen is back, choose “Troubleshoot” and then select Advanced Options>Startup Settings> Restart.
e.) Now for the most important step, there will be many options displayed that you need to select from, but you need to select “Option 7”. For this press “7” from number pad.

After your PC starts follow the above procedure as for Windows 7


2.] Unlocking Bootloader:

Warning: This will erase all the data present on your phone except the data on your external SD card (memory card).

a.) Extract the file you downloaded above called “ADB and Fastboot Binary” in the C: drive of your laptop or desktop.
b.) Now go to developer options in your phone’s Settings and enable Advanced Reboot option from it.
c.) Connect your phone to your PC using data cable and then long press the power button of your phone and select Reboot–>Bootloader and confirm it and don’t remove the data cable.
d.) Now go to the C:Drive and select the folder you just extracted and by pressing Shift key and the right click at same time select the “Open Command Window here”option from it.
e.) Type the following command without the inverted commas and press enter.

f.) After the process finishes, everything on your phone will be wiped and your bootloader will be unlocked.


3.] Flashing a Custom Recovery:

a.) Put the CWM Recovery file that you downloaded above in fastboot folder in your C:Drive.
b.)Connect the phone to PC and go to the bootloader mode from reboot options as stated above and open the command prompt in the folder as stated above
c.) Type the following command without the inverted commas and press enter.

“fastboot -i 0x1ebf flash recovery recovery-yu.img”

d.) After the process finishes, CWM Recovery will be installed in your device and after installation reboot the phone.


4.] Rooting the phone:

a.) Put the SuperSu zip file that you downloaded above in the SD card of your device.
b.) Turn off your phone and then boot your phone into recovery mode by pressing Volume up+ Volume down+Power button simultaneously.
c.) Use the volume keys to navigate in the CWM Recovery and choose Install zip from SD card.
d.) Now install the SuperSU.zip from SD card 1 and Reboot.

That’s it! you have successfully rooted your Yureka device.

One last step left is to install BusyBox in your phone. Download it from playstore and run the app and choose Install and Reboot.

If you have any questions about the guide, please let us know via a comment.

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