Download Live Wallpapers App for Micromax Android Phones

We are here providing our readers some of the really beautiful and amazing Live HD Wallpapers to let one give their handset a new and different look. All these applications are supported on the Micromax Canvas & Bolt smartphones. One just has to go the play store to download these apps.

Live wallpapers for Micromax Phones

These apps have been given the best reviews by the users. So go on and try on these amazing Live Wallpaper HD apps.

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Live HD Wallpapers/Screensaver Apps for Micromax Phones

Rain drops Live Wallpaper HD8:

  • If you are a rain lover then you will definitely like this app.
  • In this wallpaper you will find some amazing rain drop falling over your home screen.
  • How to use the app: Go to the Home screen.
  • Tap and hold the screen at any blank spot until the menu appear.
  • Tap on wallpaper and then select Live Wallpaper.
  • Select the Wallpaper which you like.
  • Click on “Set Wallpaper”.


Waterfall Live Wallpaper:

  • It is the best app for those who love beautiful, mesmerizing waterfall.
  • Features offered by this app includes different animated wallpaper.
  • To set the wallpaper just tap and hold your home screen and then select the live wallpaper and then click on “set wallpaper”.
  • It is compatible with 99% mobile handsets.
  • Fabulous wallpapers in High definition quality will leave you breathless.


Dandelion Live Wallpaper:

  • This app has special Xmas mode if one wants to celebrate the spirit of Christmas.
  • Includes beautiful water droplets effect as well.
  • To set the wallpaper: One has to go the menu->then wallpapers and finally select Live Wallpapers


Analog clock Live Wallpapers:

  • This clock supports both 12 and 24 hours format.
  • To put the live wallpaper, go one menu-> Wallpapers-> Live Wallpapers.
  • One can edit the following settings of the clock:
    • Size.
    • Show second hand.
    • Show current date.
    • Select primary or secondary clock.
    • Change the logo text.
    • Horizontal and vertical alignment.


Autumn Live Wallpaper:

  • This app is most suited for the people who are hardcore romantics.
  • In this wallpaper one can see the autumn leaves falling and rustling inside the little house.
  • One can select from the option of 9 backgrounds.
  • One can move the leaves by a touch and it will appear as if the leaves has moved cause of the wind.


Petal 3D Live Wallpaper:

  • This app has around 10 million downloads.
  • It will fill your screen with bright red color beautiful petals and will add on to the romantic mood.
  • The gracious petals will definitely lift up your mood.

Do you have any live wallpaper/screensaver app to recommend? Do let us know via a comment below.

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