How to install an App in Samsung Smart TV?

Having a Smart TV has many advantages beyond the browser that allows us to access the website that we want. The main one is that we can install applications and have direct access to social networks. If you have one of the Samsung brands, you can install applications on Samsung Smart TV to access your music and take advantage of the speakers, watch series, and watch videos.

You can install all kinds of applications on the Samsung Smart TV that you have at home, although it will depend on the model and the year of it whether or not the different apps are compatible. For example, Disney+, released in 2020, is only compatible with Samsung smart TVs after 2016. If you want to install something and don’t see it in the catalogue, this may be the cause, and we recommend that you check the compatibility of the app before you go crazy looking for it in the app store.

Several apps come by default on a Samsung Smart TV. You can uninstall them if you don’t use them, you can sort the ones you have, you can use them as you see fit. You’ll usually be able to access streaming platforms such as Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, HBO, Disney+, Filmin or online TV platforms such as RTVE Player, Atresmedia Player, or Mediaset Michele. All of them are free (the apps, do not use them), and you can have a shortcut with which you will avoid having to access the Internet, search the web, etc.

Dangers on a Smart TV

Although we have special attention to other devices such as mobiles or tablets, we don’t always have it with the TV. Do we have to protect her or be afraid of being spied on or infected with malware? It will depend on the use we give you what we do and how we do it. Being connected to the Internet, we may be more exposed than if we don’t. If you watch TV shows or movies through streaming platforms like Netflix or HBO, you’re not at risk; you don’t have to be afraid. But this changes if we use unofficial applications installed by USB if we introduce any Pendrive with the content on TV if we browse the Internet to watch tv shows or movies on illegal websites or pirates…

In these cases, it is best to resort to antivirus or check that ours has it. For example, Samsung typically uses McAfee antivirus on its Tizen operating system televisions. Just because there’s an antivirus doesn’t mean you let your guard down and open any website without worrying. But at least you’ll know you’re minimally protected. To do this, we need to open it and configure it.

The steps to follow are:

  • Tap General within the Settings section of your TV
  • Go to System Administrator
  • From here, look for Smart Security
  • You’ll find two options: Search and Isolate List
  • Tap the first one to scan our TV for threats
  • Go to “Isolated List” to see what’s possibly suspicious.


Connect your Smart TV to the Internet

The main thing is that your Samsung TV is connected to the Internet. If you have it on the cable, you won’t have to worry. If you’re connecting over WiFi, the first thing you need to do is go to the settings to find an available WiFi network and connect:

  • Go to the menu on your Samsung TV controller
  • Go to the “Network” section within the menu
  • Choose Network Settings
  • Check the option “Wireless connection.”
  • Find your home WiFi network, which you want to connect to
  • Choose your WiFi password
  • Connect to the network, and you’ll be able to access the apps and download them.


Install apps

Once you already have Internet, WiFi and wired, you’ll need to install apps on your Samsung Smart TV. It will depend on the model you have to access in one way or another the different applications you want to have installed… Although the remote control may vary or the operating system changes, all TVs (if they are Smart TVs) allow us to access.

  • Please tap on the Smart Hub button on your Samsung controller (you’ll see that it’s displayed as a house or with a multi-colour icon right in the centre)
  • Go to the “Apps” section that you’ll see on your TV in the bottom bar
  • A window will open with the Samsung app store
  • You will see different categories, most popular apps, recommended…
  • Choose the one you want or go to the search engine
  • In the search engine, type the app you want to download
  • It will appear on full screen, with all the details
  • Tap “Install”
  • Wait a few seconds for the process to complete
  • You will see the “Open.”
  • You can also click on “Add to the home page.”

How many apps you have depends on the space on your TV. You can uninstall unwanted ones or sort them from the home screen.


Apps on Samsung Smart TV

You can check out some of the most relevant applications organized by channels and themes from the Samsung website. You can download them for free, although to watch TV shows or movies on the different platforms, you will need to be registered on them, as is the case of Netflix for video or Spotify to listen to music or to set up a home theatre.

There are many more of the ones explained below; it will depend on the country or area you appear in one or the other. It will also depend on your tastes, although several applications we recommend, as is the case of streaming platforms (Filmin, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video) or music applications like Spotify, Deezer or Prime Music. So you can enjoy the advantages of audio


Movies and series

Disney+ with all content on the platform as long as you have an effective account and subscription. You can watch Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, Fox or National Geographic series, movies, or documentaries.

  • The Explorers for nature lovers
  • HBO, one of the best online TV shows and movies platforms.
  • Apple TV to watch all apps in 4K HDR
  • Rakuten TV designed for home theatre from Smart TV
  • Netflix, the most popular and used streaming video service
  • TV Plus, Samsung TV with free content
  • Filming for movie lovers, as long as you have a subscription
  • Planet Horror with movies of horror genres, paranormal, etc.
  • Amazon Prime Video with original content as long as you’re registered and have an Amazon Prime account that allows you to access TV shows, movies.
  • Movistar+ for Movistar Lite users or operator customers.
  • Microchannels, an app with free content that offers a selection of paid channel content distributed by AMC Networks


Video and TV channels

  • RTVE On-demand for programs and series you’ve missed
  • youtube watch the videos you want in large format
  • YouTube Kids designed for the little ones in the house
  • Atresplayer to watch Atresmedia channels live or to subscribe if you want to watch original content, deferred series, chapters, programs…
  • Michele, Mediaset’s on-demand TV platform with content from channels such as Telecinco, Energy, Divinity, Cuatro, FDF or BeMad. Live or a la carte.
  • Clan in, RTVE’s platform dedicated to children’s content
  • Orange TV if you’re an operator’s customer and you’re going to watch their TV shows and movies
  • TV3, the Catalan tv platform



  • Apple Music to listen to all the songs offered by Cupertino
  • My Opera Player, an app to listen to the opera of the Teatro Real. Includes dance, opera works or shows for children and teens fans of this theme.
  • Deezer, another of the most used applications for streaming music
  • Spotify, the mainstreaming app
  • Amazon Music allows us to access the content of songs, playlists or songs from the library directly from the TV with both Music Unlimited and Amazon Prime Music.
  • Digital Concert Hall, with full seasons of the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra with live broadcasts or a concert file even in 4K UHD.
  • Tidal: More than 250,000 music videos and millions of songs.
  • TuneIn for fans of radio, sports, music, podcasts.



  • Steam, to access your games with Steam Link
  • Lego, for the little ones in the house



  • DAZN for sports lovers who want to watch MotoGP, boxing, UFC
  • LaLiga Sports TV with summaries of the days
  • +TDP, the Spanish on-demand sports channel
  • AS TV, the sports newspaper’s own television


Samsung TV Plus

Don’t confuse Samsung TV Plus with your Smart TV or an installed app. Samsung TV Plus is an exclusive service for the brand’s televisions; it is free and defaults on all current Samsung Smart TVs. Specifically, in all Samsung Smart TVs models manufactured from 2016 and in Germany, Austria, the United Kingdom, France, Italy or Spain. You don’t need to download anything or pay anything or sign in; you need to follow a few simple steps to open the section.

Like to open apps or Samsung Apps, you have to tap on the Smart Hub button on your controller that can be displayed with these letters or as a square of colours in the device’s centre. Click here and the bottom app bar will appear. Next to them, Samsung TV Plus. It is not an app but a free TV system with channels that allows you to access content such as series, movies or programs as an extra to your apps.

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