How to Choose Waterproof Headphones

Waterproof headphones – one of the achievements of modern technology, which previously was not even possible to dream of. To take walks in the rain, take a shower, swim in the pool, the sea, the ocean to the sounds of your favorite songs – such an incredible opportunity gives a person this device.

In our country, headphones, comfortable for swimming, appeared relatively recently, but have already managed to gain huge popularity among people who appreciate, first of all, comfort and the opportunity to enjoy the sound of music no matter what they are busy with.


How it works

The “magic” of the swimming headphones is easy to explain: Bluetooth is usually used for their work so that the device is matched with the user’s gadget. However, some models already have a built-in MR3 player. These headphones are controlled by a special remote, put on the user’s finger, but other models can also be found.

As a rule, interchannel devices are used to ensure the quality of sound. In addition, headphones of this type completely cover the ear canal, providing a good level of hydro and sound insulation. The set also comes with interchangeable inserts of different sizes and shapes to ensure sound underwater and maximum fit.



Wireless water-protection headphones can have different characteristics depending on the manufacturer, model, and cost. However, there is a list of standard features that this device provides for the user. This is:

  • High sound quality with the ability to hear well and the sounds of the environment (irreplaceable when exercising in the pool or on the run);
  • The average work time is 30 to 360 minutes of music play.
  • Battery power
  • A standard plug connector (3.5 mm), which allows you to use headphones for any gadgets and wirelessly;
  • The presence of a compact remote control;
  • Convenient planting thanks to the delivery of nozzles of different sizes and shapes in a set;
  • Many variations of colors and shades;
  • Some models have reflectors, which allow you to run even on a rainy evening.

Of course, the characteristics of underwater headphones for sport sound really impressive. However, as with any technique, this ship device has both pros and cons.


Pros And Cons Of Waterproof Headphones

Let’s start with the advantages, which can be quite easily formulated based on the functionality and characteristics of water-resistant headphones.

  1. Wide opportunities for users. The water-resistant model can be used in almost any conditions: in the pool, on vacation, and even during diving (the best models can withstand diving up to 3 meters). To assess the comfort of using such a device will be able and people who are not fond of swimming. After all, with waterproof headphones, you can listen to music, taking a shower, or train on a treadmill, without fear that drops of sweat will spoil the device. Fans of training on the street such headphones will allow you not to be afraid of rain and to play sports comfortably in any weather.
  2. Versatility. Despite its main purpose – use in water and underwater, such headphones, thanks to the technology of the blue cactus, may well act as a headset for the phone. If you connect them to your phone, tablet, or player with a standard cable, you can get the most ordinary headphones with good sound. Thus, the purchase of such headphones, in fact, eliminates the need to purchase additional accessories to gadgets.
  3. Usability. Today, the market is developing many models of headphones for swimming, and their functions are constantly improving. Modern headphones run on batteries, equipped with a quick recharging function, allowing you to charge the device in 15-30 minutes. Moreover, manufacturers do everything to make waterproof headphones convenient for users and brought only positive emotions.
  4. For example, headphones for swimming can save users from conventional headphones – the fallout of the device from the ear. Moreover, because waterproof headphones are adapted for use underwater, they are fixed firmly in the ears. This makes the device attractive not only for athletes and swimmers but also for everyone who often listens to music on the go.
  5. The ease of care. It is no secret that during active use, headphones are exposed to contamination. It was possible to dream about just washing your favorite device with a rag soaked with water. Waterproof headphones in this regard give users maximum discretion.

As for the drawbacks of waterproof headphones, you can not hide that they also exist.

  1. Sound quality. Even though manufacturers strive for the maximum quality of sound in headphones for swimming, such models still lose compared to conventional headphones. This is primarily due to the peculiarities of using Bluetooth technology to transmit sound, which impairs sound quality when transmitted.
  2. Many models have a built-in amplifier that optimizes sound and prevents volume loss when transmitting the signal. Still, the very sound of waterproof models, unfortunately, does not affect it.
  3. Cost. To purchase a really high-quality model, which would have all the above advantages, you will have to fork out a certain amount.

However, buying regular headphones does not hope to get 500 rubles of quality sound and durability. Therefore, a thorough analysis of models of waterproof headphones presented in stores allows you to choose an option optimal in the ratio of “price-quality.”


How to choose waterproof headphones?

When choosing headphones for swimming, you should consider many factors, the main of which are the time, weight, and quality of the body.

  1. The main goal of waterproof headphones is to combine listening to music with an active lifestyle. Therefore, the device’s time can work without requiring recharging can be attributed to one of the most important selection criteria.
  2. It is also worth paying attention to the “fast recharging” feature, which will not part with your favorite headphones even in a hurry. The best choice will be a model that combines the ability to charge through a USB port with power from batteries.
  3. Why is this option important? Because waterproof headphones are an integral part of an active lifestyle. Unnecessarily heavy headphones will soon cause discomfort to the owner and spoil all the pleasure that benefits such a device.
  4. However, excessive weight can also be a sign of substandard plastic or even fake. The average weight of quality headphones is 30-40 grams. Therefore, it is important to compare the weight specified in the specifications with the parameters stated on the manufacturer’s official website.
  5. The word “waterproof” can have different meanings. Therefore, before rushing to dive under the water in freshly acquired headphones, it is better to check the stated indicator of protection from water. By international standards, waterproof devices receive an IP index (penetration protection) from X0 to X8.
  6. Keep in mind that X0 headphones are not designed for underwater use. Further, the degree of protection is on the increase. Thus, the device with the X1 index is protected only from water droplets (for example, during rain), and a device with an X8 index allows the owner to dive underwater at a level of more than 1 meter and a long period of time.

Thus, the choice of waterproof headphones is not an easy task, especially in the context of the diversity of the modern market. However, navigating in such a variety and choose the best option will help the rating of models.

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