How do I connect my LG TV to the internet?

Smart TVs are designed to always be connected to the Internet so you can make the most of all its features and services online. The reality is that many people ignore this and use their devices as normal T-shows, simply to watch DDT or play consoles.

By not connecting them to the network they lose the power to access tons of content through services such as YouTube or Spotify. In addition, they also can’t use Netflix, HBO, Amazon Prime Video, and other similar services to get much more out of their devices.


Connect your LG Smart TV to the Internet

If you have an LG Smart TV and you don’t have it connected to the Internet, in the following lines we explain, step by step, what you need to do to connect it and start enjoying all the online services you want.

Before you start the setup process you need to know if you will do it via cable or a wireless connection. Virtually all models have an Ethernet cable connection, while in the case of wireless connection (WiFi) you will have to check the specifications if your computer has or, if it doesn’t have one, look for a compatible adapter that you can connect to a USB port on the TV.

Once you’ve decided if you want to connect your cable TV or WiFi, you need to do as I explain in the following lines.

In the case of wired connection you must connect one end to the Ethernet jack of the TV and the other end to a free mouth of your router. Doing this will allow you to connect automatically and, if all has gone well, after a few seconds it will inform you that the connection has been established correctly. I must admit that this is my favorite option, easier impossible and also offers advantages over WiFi such as less interference, higher data transmission speed, etc.

If you opt for the wireless option,the first thing you need to do is connect to the USB adapter if you need it and turn on the TV. Once on press the gear button on the controller and then select the Settings option to access the menu.

Under Settings select Network and then WiFi Connection. By doing this the TV will show you the list of available networks. At this point you only need to select the network you want to connect to and then enter your network password. After a few seconds, and if all went well, the LG Smart TV will inform you that the connection has been established and you can already enjoy all the advantages of having it connected to the Internet.


What if the connection fails?

If something fails and our LG Smart TV does not connect to the Internet, what we have to do is access the connection, wired or wireless according to the one we have made. To do this, we go into the network options of the TV and select Advanced Settings if the connection is over WiFi, while if it is wired we pass the next step directly.

Next, we’ll be shown a screen showing four connection status icons. If the fault is shown on the second icon (router), wewill have to check the connection to our router and verify that it has DHCP service enabled. If necessary, we will need to contact our Internet provider to verify these details. We can also try restarting the router and waiting if this way our LG Smart TV connects properly to the Internet.

If the fault is displayed on the third (Internet)icon, this means that the TV connects correctly to the router and receives the configuration data, but there is no Internet connection. It may be because of a temporary failure of our connection, but we can try restarting the router and reconnecting to the Internet from the TV and see if the problem has been fixed. In case we continue without the Internet on our Smart TV, we will have to contact our Internet provider to check what is happening and to fix it.

If we still can’t get our LG Smart TV to connect to the Internet either wirelessly or by cable and our connection is working properly, then it’s best to contact LG support and ask for help.

To do this we can choose to call from Monday to Friday from 9 am to 8 am to 963 05 05 00. On this phone we will be served by a member of the LG team to answer any questions we have or, if necessary, will contact us with the technical support department. You also have a phone about promotions with hours of 9 to 18 hours which is 916 91 50 14.

We can send you an email, using the form they have on their website. We must tell you that it is for Customer Care and then put the LG product model on them or look for it by a series of category, product, product type and finally model drop-downs. Next we must give them all our data, being able to attach a photo if we see it necessary, to finally write them the message and send the email.

Then you have a section on your website where we can see Guides and Solutions of many almost all LG products, so it can be a good place to find the solution to everything we need at that very moment.

Already as the last option we can go directly to the Support page where with using your search engine you can find everything about the product you have. From your manual, passed through drivers or drivers to a troubleshooting section. It is convenient that we have previously registered our LG device, as that will help a lot in the search.

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