How To Choose A Soundbar?

Televisions in recent years have significantly “lost weight,” which badly affected their sound. And all because installing good speakers in an ultra-thin body physically fails. But the problem was effectively solved by soundbars. These compact wireless devices handle sound as well as home theaters.


Acoustic system

Soundbars vary in several channels, which can be from 2 to 7. For example, sound panels, soundbars 2.1 informs that you get to use 2 high-frequency channels (speakers may be more) and 1 subwoofer. That is, the sound will be better than that of your TV, but still mediocre enough and definitely worse than the sound panels, soundbars 5.1. The more channels, the more realistic and voluminous the sound will be.

If you want to watch movies with quality sound, it is most convenient to buy a soundbar. Unlike a home theater, it takes up a minimum of space and is easier to install. Therefore, it will be interesting for owners of apartments in which the full sound system does not fit or does not fit into the interiors.


Wireless subwoofer

About 99% of mid-budget models and most of all soundbars come complete with an external wireless subwoofer. You just put a column near the TV or hang it on the opposite wall – and enjoy the great bass. Because the speaker connects to the system wirelessly, you don’t have to think about stretching and disguising the cable.



A radio, such as Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, wirelessly connects the soundbar and the outer subwoofer, the TV. So if you notice a radio in the characteristics, we’ll be talking about a convenient wireless system. Parents of young children who show interest in all kinds of wires will appreciate wireless solutions.


3D video support

Surround sound is important for maximizing immersion in a movie or game. To achieve this, the developers equip 3D sound panels with Dolby Atmos and DTS:X technologies.

Today, the creators of games and films pay great attention to the detail of sound. You can not even go to the movies to enjoy a realistic sound.


Supported media

Manufacturers quickly realized that the functionality of acoustics goes beyond the usual sound system, so it should be able to do something else. If you have an extensive collection of discs and will not give it up, make sure your device supports the formats you need.

The latest generations of soundbars come complete with USB Flash and HDD, which allow you to play content with a flash drive and a hard drive, respectively.


Supported formats

Modern soundbars support well-known MP3, WMA formats and AAC, ALAC, FLAC, OGG, AIFF, and so on. The larger this list, the easier it will be to use sound models, soundbars 7.1 to watch high-quality videos from the Internet.


Total capacity

The higher the power of the speaker system and the subwoofer’s power, the louder the sound will be without the slightest distortion. The nominal power of the subwoofer is a metric that indicates the system’s limit loads, at which the sound will be played with specified characteristics.



The home computer network and audio technicians can connect with the ethernet wire or wireless Wi-Fi network through its streaming services.



It is much more convenient when the soundbar connects to the network wirelessly, in particular, via Wi-Fi. Wires can break or fail, while the wireless interface guarantees reliable access to the Internet for many useful gadgets.

Additionally, the Wi-Fi module allows you to draw content from a hard drive connected to the router (DLNA technology) and support AirPlay technology familiar to owners of Apple gadgets. It also allows you to control the soundbar directly from your smartphone, while conventional models are controlled by remote control.

Any soundbar presented in the “5 ELEMENT” catalog sounds much better than the speakers of modern TVs. You have to decide what you want to get from the purchase – a modest device for high-quality sound or a multifunctional gadget, which easily integrates into the network and does not conflict with other equipment in the house. Ask your questions, and we will answer them in detail!

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