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Draw his smartphone, every phone call is not always convenient, especially when you receive calls while travelling. Bluetooth headsets provide a wireless connection to provide users with the ability to keep both hands free during their conversations.

Also known as a hands-free kit, they were there a few years ago, widely used in the steering wheel, so as to circumvent the prohibition of using his smartphone while driving. For security issues, however, it is now forbidden to use earphones while driving, and it will now move towards the hands-free kit car.

The use of Bluetooth headsets still keeps all its sense in many situations, and particularly in the world of work. They show to use much more discreet as a Bluetooth headset and have the advantage of not occupy one of the two ears. We will thus remain attentive to its environment while enjoying the quality of a capture is much higher.

You are at the point on the criteria to be taken into account, but you do not necessarily have the time or the courage to consult with all of our testing complete? Check out our four strokes of the heart, and that you are rather looking for a pair for sport, or rather for listening to music as accurately as possible, there will be something for everyone!


All of our tips for finding your hands-free kit

Several key criteria are to be taken into account before embarking on the purchase of a hands-free kit. It makes the point.


If you want to be able to keep your headset for several hours a day on the ear, it is essential that this last is quickly forgotten. Opt for models that are both lightweight and robust, offering if different possible nozzles to adapt perfectly to your morphology.


There is nothing more annoying than a headset that does not take place, especially when it moves. Many models make the decision to incorporate a tour of the ear, with a plastic buckle, providing good stability.

Sound quality

If the headphones wireless is not necessarily thoughts to listen to the music, the sound reproduction, however, must be relatively accurate to provide a good comfort of use during phone calls.

Quality of recording and microphone

The microphone used on the Bluetooth headsets is obviously a key point to take into account in his research. Make sure that the capture is correct in all circumstances, particularly in noisy environments or windy conditions.


Suppose you need to go through the box charging every 3 hours, little chance that your headset follows you everywhere. Remember to check the autonomy of each product and the feedback from different users.

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