Best Waterproof Earphones in India 2021

earphones of today can enjoy his music in almost all situations, also quietly installed at home, in public transport. Athletes are not forgotten, and as we present it in our selection of the best earphones for sport, there are clearly spoilt for choice.

So far, a sector still in withdrawal: the earphones waterproof and watertight. In fact, if any of the models designed for running are now resistant to the weather or to sweat, it is often impossible to use in the open sea or to the swimming pool for his swimming sessions.

Some manufacturers have nonetheless embarked on this challenge, and several pairs are now able to follow you as well on land as underwater. A boon for swimmers wishing to train in music.

This guide is regularly updated according to the new outputs and the availability of the products. You will find in the page of the page our tips for choosing the earphones waterproof most adapted to your needs.



If you have a limited budget, the Pyle Flextreme models are the most affordable of our selection. Has less than 50€, they ship an MP3 player with 4 Gb storage and secure thanks to the straps of your swimming goggles.

For athletes with a budget of slightly more important, we recommend rather to orient themselves to the excellent Sony NW-WS413. The pair is better built and fits more easily into place for your outings to the pool or to the sea. The sound quality is also superior and the earphones can be used without any problem on the land.

If you favour the bone conduction, then the direction Aftershockz with the model XTrainerz. Here no question of the return of the earphones in your ears, but the sound is transmitted directly by vibrations. It is comfortable and it works very well!



If the electronic devices and water do not generally make a good household, you will find below a selection of multiple listeners, perfectly adapted for the intensive practice of the sport in the aquatic environment.

These products can be used for your activities in the pool (swimming, water polo, etc.) or by sea (surfing, snorkelling.).


Offered under the bar of 50€, the earphones Pyle Flextreme have an excellent quality/price ratio if you want to enjoy your music during your workouts swimming or a session of running.

Here, not need to accompany the earphones to a smartphone or an MP3 player to listen to his music. Everything is already integrated in the atria and it will suffice to simply connect it via USB and drop files like a USB key, traditional. It has a storage of 8 Gb, enough to save hundreds of music.

The earphones come with 6 pairs of ear tips, of which 3 are specially designed for use in a swimming pool. They can enjoy their favorite music while doing his lengths. The certification IPX8 ensures a perfect seal and the design “round neck” stays in place, especially when it is maintained by his swim cap.

Note that there is also a version that is compatible Bluetooth. More versatile, it allows you to connect to their smartphone and directly read its music from Spotify, Deezer and other streaming services. Count a little over 100€ for this model.



Sony is one of the pioneers in the field of earphones waterproof, and this latest generation of the NW-WS413 proves it once more.

If the principle remains identical to that of the Pyle Flextreme presented above, the realization and the finishes are much higher than the pair from Sony. Robust and well built, the WS413 receive a certification IP68 protected from falls, dust and especially water. Fully waterproof, they can even be used in sea water.

Between the hands, the pair clearly inspired confidence and once in the ear, comfort is the rendezvous. Whether on land or in the water, the NW-WS413 are quickly forgotten, and display benefits sound convincing. A mode Ambient Sound also helps to allow the outside noises to train safely.

This version WS413 embeds 4 Gb of storage. If you need more space, a version WS414 double this capacity to reach 8 Gb. On both models, the battery life is about 12 hours and recharging is done via a cable owner.

Our only true regret ? The absence of a Bluetooth connection, which would have been able to bring the earphones to Sony for a better versatility. For the rest, it is a no-fault.



If you can’t stand to have earphones in your ears during your workouts at the pool, the Finished Duo should be able to meet your expectations.

Here, it is not a question of bits to insert in your ear canals, but the “atria” – operated via bone conduction. They will come and set them against his temples, and secure them using the straps of his goggles.

Perfectly waterproof, they can be submerged up to 3 meters deep and comes with an internal memory of 4 Gb or about 1000 songs in MP3 format. The controls allow you to easily manage the play/pause, sound volume, or move from one track to another between two lengths. Count a little over 120€.



Aftershokz is a brand specialized in the reproduction of sound via bone conduction. Once they have a good reputation for its models with Bluetooth, the manufacturer will attack swimmers, and presents his model Xtrainerz.

As for the Finished Duo, here no question of inserting the ear tips in-ear in his ears, but earphones dishes that will stand in front of it. Like all models watertight, it is a device all-in-one integrating directly with an MP3 player, and 4 Gb of storage to transfer their favorite music (supports FLAC).

The general design of the product is much more convincing than on the Finished Duo. Here no need to hang up the earphones with his glasses and a headband in plastic joining the two ends. Well propped under her swimming cap, the whole does not move during its lengths front crawl or butterfly. The battery life is approximately 8 hours.

Attention, once again note that this pair is not Bluetooth compatible. It is not possible to use it with Spotify and other streaming services.



Unlike the classic headset, points to take into account are, of course, different when one speaks about earphones designed to be used under water.


The resistance of the electronic products is usually presented via a protection index, more commonly named IP. For earphones waterproof, it will be necessary to move towards models certified IPX8, resisting to an immersion of 30 minutes up to 3 m deep.

Without this certification, it is unlikely that your earphones stand up well for a long time your swimming lengths in a pool, or your sessions of kit-surfing in the open sea.


When you use earphones resistant to water and sweat, the second crucial point is, of course, the comfort and the holding in the ears. In the idea, we research products which hold perfectly in place regardless of the movements made.

To adapt to each one, the manufacturers will often offer different sizes and shapes of ear tips to provide a perfect fit in the ear canals.

Some earphones are in the form of in-ear classic, while others also have a frame hanging around the ear to keep the headset securely in place.

It should be noted that some earphones waterproof have a reflective coating to be easily seen if you swim under little light conditions.


Of course, when it comes to music listening, the sound performance of your earphones are a key element to take into account in his research. Nevertheless, we should not expect miracles to side during the immersion. To listen to audiophile better need to stay out of the water !


earphones waterproof, that is one thing, but it is still necessary to have a drive also able to follow you under water. If there are MP3 players specifically designed for swimming, the simplest solution is still to opt for a product combining both player and earphones. This is the case of a majority of the products presented in our selection below.

In this case, it will be necessary to verify the storage proposed. You can usually find versions of 4 and 8 Gb. Has see according to your own needs.

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