Best Bluetooth Earphones in India 2021

No port 3.5 mm Jack on your Smartphone? Then it may be time to move to wireless with a good pair of headphones Bluetooth!

On this guide, we offer you to discover the best current models, with a selection of fifteen models covering all budgets and all needs. Of 3000INR to almost 30000INR, everyone should be able to find his happiness.

The sector of Bluetooth earphone has undergone a real transformation since a few years. Models “ True-Wireless “, or 100% wireless are now legions and eliminate a cable between his atria. We find here again, at all prices, and it is important to be well informed before making his choice.

Many references are also thoughts to meet the expectations of the athletes, with postures more secure but, especially, safeguards against sweat. To go further in this specific category, you can see our dedicated guide to the best headphones for sport.



Not the time to check out our full comparison? We made the point in a few lines for those in a hurry!

For smaller budgets, the Creative Outlier One at least 3000INR are our choice in the entry level range. They also fit well in a traditional use as an athletic, and enjoy an autonomy of approximately 10 hours.

If you are looking for a pair 100% wireless at a lower cost, the Plantronics BackBeat FIT 3100 have an excellent quality/price ratio at around 7000INR. They are mainly designed for athletes thanks to their certification IP57, and their open design to run safely.

For about 15000INR, we recommend the Jabra Elite Active 65t. This pair fully wireless stands out for excellent comfort, performance sound convincing and robust design. A 24900INR, with the most recent Elite 85t benefit of a module ANC.

Around 20000INR, hard to find better than the recent Apple AirPods Pro. This new generation is gaining in support and comfort, and enjoys an active noise reduction effective to isolate themselves from the outside world. The sound performance is also increased.

Finally, if you are looking for what is best in terms of audio quality, in the direction of the Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 2. It is necessary to put the price, with a price of around 30000INR.




Offered under the bar of 3000INR, the Creative Outlier One displayed one of the best quality/price in the entry level range.

Cut for athletes with a robust design and a certification IPX5 protection from perspiration, their simple design will however adapt to all situations. They are supplied with 3 sizes of ear tips, which you may or may not add additional support.

Other good points for the price, the presence of a cable anti-nodes, but also the earpads snap to facilitating the port around the neck. The remote control allows you to easily navigate between its tracks or answer a phone call.

On the side sound performances, not miracles with this pair for 3000INR but the set fits perfectly on the road and doing the same in a convincing manner for the price quoted.



Less than 7000INR for a pair of headphones True Wireless is perfectly adapted to sports practice ? This is the good deal of the time with the Plantronics BackBeat FIT 3100.

Launched at the rate of00INR 150, these headphones 100% wireless now display a quality/price ratio is exceptional for the sportsmen. Holding perfectly in the ears during its session of running or CrossFit, they have distinguished themselves for their passive isolation is very limited. What to stay up to date with its environment, and to train safely. To make abstraction of the music in your gym, it is necessary to pass your way.

On the side of the controls, the BackBeat FIT 3100 have the advantage of being very comprehensive. Thus, we can manage the play/pause, move from one track to the other but also to adjust the volume. A point still too rare on the majority of headphones completely wireless. The whole is also accompanied by a mobile application roughly well put together.

Only real downside : the sound quality is not necessarily exceptional, especially on the side of the bases. For less than 7000INR we, however, for his money.



Below 9000INR, the Anker SoundCore Spirit Dot 2 also show an excellent price/quality ratio if you are looking for a pair of entirely wireless. Certified IPX7, recommended mainly for athletes looking for a pair of rugged and waterproof.

The headphones come with multiple silicone ear tips, as well as fins to improve the maintenance. An effective system, allowing Spirit Dot 2 stay perfectly in place while providing excellent comfort.

Each earphone has its own touch controls, but the options are a little too limited for our liking. It is only possible to manage the play/pause and skip to the next track, but it is necessary to go through his smartphone to return to the previous track, and especially to adjust the sound volume.

The use of, the Spirit Dot 2 is also distinguished by a connection without fault. No loss of signal is not to be mentioned and the two atria are always perfectly synchronized.

Regarding the sound performance, the headphones come out of honorable manner. Nothing exceptional in either, but more than enough to train with his playlists favorite.



Also available below 10000INR, the Sony WF-XB700 are positioned as a pair interesting in this price range. A member of the family XTRA BASS, this pair of “true-wireless” stands out as a beautiful accent on the bottom of the spectrum. If you like the rendered sound that make ” boom boom “, it should please you !

Sony, however, is not the mistake of falling into excess, and the sound overall remains well controlled and pleasant. Other good news, an autonomy up to 9 hours per charge, a value rarely achieved with models that are 100% wireless. A pity, however, that the case only offers a single recharge, for a total of 18h.

The side orders, the XB-700 is want to instead of full. The right atrium handles the play/pause, the navigation between its slopes and the activation of the voice assistant. On the left side, it increases the volume of a simple pressure and lowers via a long press.

Finally, the headphones are certified to IPX4, protecting them from splashes and sweat. It is possible to do sport with, but other references in our selection provide a better fit.



If the mode is to the headphones 100% wireless, they are not necessarily to the tastes of all users. For those who prefer to keep a cord between their headphones, the Bose SoundSport Wireless are still an excellent pair Bluetooth.

Despite 4 years of existence, the SoundSport Wireless retain their place in our selection of the best Bluetooth earphones, thanks to their price of00INR 120 and their exceptional comfort. A comfort that one must, in particular, to the so-called StayHear+, to enjoy his music for hours without any problem.

The sound performance is correct for headphones mainly for sports. There is a slight accent on the side of the low, without covering other frequencies.

Side autonomy, take about 6 hours per charge. Not necessarily exceptional in the face of the more recent models listed in this guide.



With its models GearX, Samsung was one of the first brands to develop headphones True Wireless. Since then, the market has evolved and the products of the Korean also.

Evolution of the model Buds, the Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus are available today for around 13000INR. They distinguish themselves especially by a self-monster, up to 11 hours on a single charge. A true feat on the sector !

Each earpiece has touch controls on its back. You will be able to control his music, but also the volume of the sound. A mobile application is very complete also enables you to customize these controls or adjust the sound of the headphones.

The sound quality just it comes. Here performed in collaboration with AKG, there is a rendering generally fairly neutral and balanced. The sound is pleasant, except perhaps when pushing a little too much volume. The quality of the microphone is also more than convincing for calls hands-free.



With a tariff manufacturer of 13900INR, the Plantronics BackBeat Pro 5100 clearly deserve their place on this selection of the best Bluetooth earphones. The great strength of this model ? A design that is ultra-compact making it one of the pairs of the most discrete on the market.

This is obviously not the only strong point of the BackBeat Pro 5100. We appreciate in particular their excellent comfort, the end caps are flexible which will fit the vast majority of users, to the contrary of the in-the-ear traditional.

The two earphones allow you to control easily the music but also the sound volume. Here, no need to pull out their phone to move from one track to another or to lower the sound. A good point if you want to use them for running, especially as the Pro 5100 is certified to IP54.

Through the application of the Plantronics, it is even possible to change the assignment of some of the commands according to their own preferences. Also, removing the headphones, the music will automatically pause. Instead, practice !

Side autonomy, take about 6 hours per charge and two additional charges through the case. The sound rendering is quite neutral and pleasant, the pair that can fit most musical styles. The passive isolation is also correct in spite of the absence of the ANC.



Evolution des Elite 65t, les Jabra Elite 75t s’imposent naturellement comme l’une des meilleures références actuelles si vous cherchez une paire 100% sans-fil.

Régulièrement disponibles sous la barre des 15000INR, ils affichent un superbe rapport qualité/prix, avec un excellent confort, des fonctionnalités complètes et des performances particulièrement convaincantes.

Les écouteurs reprennent un format assez proche des 65t, avec un design compact et robuste. Ils sont certifiés IP55 et peuvent parfaitement vous suivre lors de sorties sportives. Notez quand même qu’une version Active est aussi proposée par la marque, avec de leur côté une certification IP57 les protégeant d’une immersion complète.

L’autonomie est d’environ 7h par charge et il est possible de recharger 3 fois supplémentaires grâce à leur boitier. Depuis une mise à jour, les écouteurs profitent également d’une fonction de réduction active du bruit, en faisant l’une des meilleures alternatives aux AirPods Pro d’Apple.



Avec ses Bose SoundSport Free, le spécialiste de l’audio dévoile sa première paire d’écouteurs True-Wireless. Si ce modèle est principalement pensé pour l’activité sportive, il peut également être recommandé pour des utilisations plus classiques.

L’un des principaux avantages des SoundSport Wireless face à la concurrence réside selon-nous dans la conception même de ses oreillettes. Comme souvent avec la marque, il ne s’agit pas ici de véritables intra-auriculaires, mais plus d’écouteurs venant se placer à l’entrée de vos canaux. Niveau confort, ça change clairement la vie si vous êtes allergiques aux intras.

Si les écouteurs se montrent confortables et tiennent bien en place, on regrette quand même un gabarit un peu plus imposant que chez la concurrence. Niveau discrétion, on a clairement vu mieux.

La paire est certifiée IPX4 et donc adaptée à la pratique sportive. Les embouts StayHear+Sport apportent un excellent maintien et les commandes complètes facilitent l’utilisation des SoundSport Free sans devoir sortir son smartphone.

Côté autonomie, comptez environ 5 à 6 heures par charge. Le boitier peut recharger les écouteurs par deux fois, pour un total de 15 heures. Les SoundSport Free sont aujourd’hui disponibles aux alentours des 16500INR, contre environ 20000INR pour leurs remplaçants : les nouveaux Bose SoundSport Earbuds.



Impossible to make a list of the best Bluetooth earphones not to mention the famous Apple AirPods Pro.

Evolution of the first headphones wireless of the brand, this Pro version improves on all points. If the general design remains quite close together, serious changes make their appearance with the appearance of real tips in-ear.

Of the use, there is a part of a better maintenance and the other a much better passive isolation. The sound is improved and it is no longer necessary to crank up the volume to enjoy music. To top it all off, Apple has added a system of active noise reduction in order to perfectly isolate themselves from the outside world.

The headphones are certified to IPX4 and are resistant to rain or sweat. You can use them for the sport. Side autonomy, take about 5 hours of listening with ANC and up to 24 hours, and charging the headphones via their keypad.

If you have the budget (around 200-23000INR) and you have an iPhone, you can go there with closed eyes. Our only regret ? The lack of commands to manage the volume from the headphones.



If the fans of Bluetooth earphones have their WH-1000XM4, users promoting headphones have become entitled to the Sony WF-1000XM3.

The idea remains the same : offer the best active noise reduction in the industry. The contract is once again filled by Sony, and if you want to isolate yourself from the outside world, you will not find better.

To succeed in such a feat, the earphones of Sony are obviously a little more impressive than Jabra Elite 75t for example, but the comfort remains at the rendezvous. Even fighting on the side of sound performance, with one of the best renderings of the area of the True-Wireless.

The controls are managed by touch surfaces on each of the two headphones. You can control the playback of music or the level of noise reduction. An update allows you to replace one of these commands by an adjustment of the sound volume.

Side autonomy, take about 6h, at 6: 30 with the ANC enabled, and up to 8h without ANC. The case can recharge 3 times the headphones. Good results in practice.

The Sony WF-1000XM3 are available for around 18000INR, is a price more affordable than the Apple AirPods Pro.



With a tariff manufacturer of 29900INR, the Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 2, is placed as a Bluetooth earphone the most expensive in the market.

Evolution of the Momentum to True Wireless first name (about 17500INR), they join this list thanks to their sonic performance exceptional. If for you the most important thing is the sound and that you are ready to do devoid of advanced features, then you should be able to find your happiness.

The headphones are compatible aptX and aptX Low-Latency. Enjoy its rich, detailed, and latency-free to enjoy as much of his music than his movies. Once in the ears, it is clearly a real joy to rediscover his favorite albums without any cables.

The autonomy is around 7 hours per charge, with the ability to recharge them 3 more times via their keypad.



With excellent comfort, maintaining a perfectly safe and a certification IPX4, the Beats PowerBeats Pro to be positioned among the best headphones True Wireless for sports.

As the Apple AirPods Pro, they have a smart H1, providing instant connectivity for iPhone users. Once in the ears, you can enjoy a powerful sound and rather well balanced. The basses provide a small boost perfectly adapted to the effort sports while the mids are well defined.

Has the use, the connection remains perfectly stable, and it enjoys especially excellent autonomy, with nearly 10 hours of use per charge. A nice feat for a pair of entirely wireless.

Finally, the headphones ship complete orders, allowing you to manage your music or the volume without ever having to leave your smartphone. Rest obviously the question of price, because at 24900INR these PowerBeats Pro are still very expensive.

The version PowerBeats classic 14900INR has characteristics quite close, but with a design around the neck.



To select a pair of Bluetooth earphones, the basic rules remain identical to those of the classic earphone, with, of course, the autonomy in addition to. It is therefore essential to be particularly attentive to the following points :


Headphones wireless are particularly prized by athletes, they must provide excellent support during the effort under the penalty of drag-and regular ears. To be sure you can perfectly adjust the atria, opt for models with fastening systems to be effective (fins or around the ear for example).

Also, make sure that multiple sizes of ear tips are provided with earphones in order to adapt them better to your ear canals. By choosing suitable bits, you also gain in comfort but also sound quality.


Has the image of the models are wired, the insulation is an important point to take into account. If you want to use your regular headphones while outside, look for models with average insulation so you stay aware of your surroundings (especially for runners).

If you want to go back to your bubble, either at the gym or in the transport, opt for models fully closed. Here, again, depending on the bits selected in it is possible to obtain an insulation more or less important. Some models also feature a module for active noise reduction to perfectly isolate themselves from the outside world.


Headphones are devices that are fragile. Often very light and compact, they are not all necessarily to shock. The models designed for the sports are often reinforced and have a resistance to water and sweat.

Also opt, if possible, for headphones come with carrying cases to protect them during your travels. In practice, do not throw your headphones in bulk at the bottom of your bag, there is nothing worse to spoil prematurely.


All Bluetooth earphones are not created equal in terms of features. It is essential to ensure that the wireless connection works perfectly to prevent cuts and loss of signal. Autonomy is also a key criterion in the choice of its pair Bluetooth-compatible, since it will be impossible to enjoy your music or movies once the battery is flat. Aim for a minimum of 6 hours of battery life for a good comfort of use. Some products are delivered with a cover incorporating a recharge system. Instead, practice !


The quality of the transmission wireless via Bluetooth has improved tremendously over the years.

It is now possible to obtain performances very close to those of models wired, in particular thanks to the Apt-X codec is available on many models. The LDAC Sony even allows you to enjoy Hi-Res Bluetooth, even if it will be necessary to have a compatible music player.

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