Apple Airpods Headphone Review

If you have an iPhone, then complete with it, you got wired Earpods headphones. According to owners, the wireless version of the Apple Airpods headset surpasses wired in sound quality, functionality, and ease of operation.


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Design, trim, ergonomics

Design, trim, ergonomics

The Apple Airpods are two independent liners. They look as if they were cut off from the wiring and now used separately. And in the ears look the same, the owners of such a headset often pay attention.

The earbuds of a streamlined form are narrowed to the sound engineer.

The sound hole is closed by a mesh. On the sides of the heads, you can see the sensory points, thanks to which the work of accelerometers is performed.

Most headset owners note that it sits in the ear very well. Even with active movements, the head does not fly out, does not slide. People engaged in fitness and other active sports can easily use headphones every day. Ears do not hurt from them; sometimes, a little time is required for the habituation of the ear.

A small case in which headphones are supplied and stored, users often compare with a box with flossing. Indeed, the case is so small that it does not exceed the size of the matchbox.

And this is its plus. It fits easily with headphones in the pocket of a jacket or a small handbag. And given the streamlined body, neat, simple cover – and taken out easily if necessary even from a deep pocket.

The case doesn’t just serve as a repository. It is used to charge headphones. You don’t have to charge two headphones at once, and the device works with one. Another difference of the case – a magnet is built into the bottom, thanks to which the installation of headphones in the case is simplified as much as possible.

Even if you put the headphones wrong, they will turn around and sit tightly in the sockets. Moreover, even active movements will not fall out of the case.

The only wire that the buyer will find in the box is to charge the case. No more cables will be needed to operate the device.



High-quality integration with iOS makes these headphones almost ideal for users with a large number of Apple devices.

Two optical sensors on the sides help the headphones determine that the owner inserted them into the ears. As soon as the headphones have taken the right position – the music begins to play. It is necessary to get at least one ear liner – the melody is put on pause.

If you want to “cheat” the device and prevent the track from being interrupted when you take out one earpiece, it is enough to clamp the side sensors with your fingers, close them. Then the music will again play in one remaining earpiece.

You don’t need to take your phone out of your pocket to call SIRI. It is enough to knock on the earpiece twice. And these are really two light tappings that act even on the bottom of the headset.

You don’t have to “punch” the ear liner in your ear to get through to Siri. You can change the dual-tap function for each earpiece, not just call the phone assistant, but switch tracks, for example.

Even more, features get the owners of iPhone versions 6s and more. They don’t need to tap their fingers to trigger SIRI. It is enough to say aloud the starting phrase “Hi, Siri,” and the system will be ready to work.

In this state, the headphones are available:

  • Dialing the number by voice
  • Calling a caller from a quick dial list
  • Call the last dialed number;
  • Increase/decrease in volume
  • Switching tracks back/forth
  • Searching for podcasts on the Internet
  • Choosing a particular track
  • putting the music on pause.

The headset works not only with Apple devices but also with other devices that have Bluetooth version 4.2. Unfortunately, in these devices, it is impossible to regulate the sound of music through headphones. You need to take out the phone and do all the manipulations in it.

When paired with Android, you won’t see a battery life unless you download a special device app. But in Apple, the user can see how much charge is left in the box, how much – for each earpiece. Not only that, you can even search the headphones to ask if one of them you lost in the room. It will be found using the iPhone.



Bluetooth headphones quickly connect with various Apple devices. To work with iPhones, the user does not need to install third-party programs and even connect through settings. It is necessary to open the box’s lid – and the headset is determined by the phone.

Built-in device drivers “remember” the paired devices and, in the future, connect automatically. The device can also connect to all devices that the user previously registered through iCloud, which allows you to quickly switch from your phone and comfortably watch a movie on an iPad.

In phones on the Android platform, the user will have to match the headphones with the transmitting device. This is done through settings and is done quickly enough after the first pairing.


Playing music

Comparing a wireless headset with a wired from Apple users suddenly points out as the best Bluetooth device. In wireless headphones, better sound bass, medium, and high frequencies are optimally balanced.

Reviews of headset owners using it from the iPhone:

  • “The sound is cool, just great to keep the middle frequencies. Basses do not press. It turns out the optimal soft surround sound.”
  • “Suitable for listening to lectures, books, music. It is convenient to use when riding a bicycle. The noise of the wind and the street does not drown out the melody. You can really enjoy the ride.”
  • “Excellent sound quality, no interference during the conversation. Instantly connect. It is only necessary to insert in the ear. Low frequencies are well audible, and listening is a pleasure to listen to.”
  • Reviews of users using headphones with Android devices:
  • “High-quality music playback. But the top is cut a little, and the middle is littered. Wired Beats is much better. The melody is perceived as more lively. The sound is more voluminous.”
  • “Not enough volume, especially in the subway. I would like to add bass. But, in principle, they do not let in foreign sounds, which allows you to listen comfortably to music on the street.”

It turns out that the sound quality largely depends on which device the headphones are paired with. When you connect to Android, there are no codecs that improve sound quality when working with Apple devices.


The headset works

Each of the headphones is equipped with a directional microphone. Therefore, they can be used for conversations separately, freeing one ear to control what the child is doing or monitoring the road’s situation.

The voice accelerometer makes the headset work perfectly.

As soon as the phone receives a call, the headphones include active noise cancellation, cutting off foreign noises. Since each of the headphones can be used independently, this opens up a wide range of possibilities: holding a conference call over the phone or IP telephony, listening to one music for two – without wires.

But there is no way to disable the microphone without unlocking the phone for those who have a device associated with Android. Also, do not work headphones separately to receive calls. However, noise-making still provides quality communication. The interlocutor is well audible to the caller’s speech.



In total, the manufacturer promises up to 24 hours of using headphones without recharging. How is this achieved?

  • At first, the box is fully charged from the socket, like a standard device;
  • Headphones are inserted into the box to recharge as soon as the charge level reaches 10%;
  • The headphones are charged even one at a time, as they are discharged unevenly;
  • Headphones can work up to 5 hours when listening to music.
  • If you’re charging for half an hour, the headphone charge reaches 100%.

It turns out, as long as the box has charging – the headphones work. In theory – the optimal device for a student, an athlete, a business person. The only thing you need to monitor the level of charge and in long journeys still take with you charging.



If you’re a fan of Apple products, you need to buy an Apple Airpods Bluetooth headset. At least to appreciate how snug they sit in their ears, how to comfortably switch tracks, giving Siri commands like softly buzzing basses in their ears, conveying a bright sounding melody.

Of course, if a person has enough money, he can use these wireless headphones and Android devices. But they do not reveal their luxurious opportunities, why spend money in vain without getting a full service? It is better to choose a model suitable for Android, for example, by 29.

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