Download Android 6.0 Marshmallow Launchers for Micromax Phones

Apart from Micromax canvas A1 there isn’t a single Micromax phone which has tasted Android Marshmallow. Micromax Canvas A1 along with Google Nexus devices are the first devices to receive the Marshmallow update. There are few devices which were recently launched on whose listing Micromax has stated that the device would receive the Marshmallow upgrade however the estimated time isn’t known yet. To get a feel of Marshmallow people can use a launcher until the update is rolled out for the devices.

Android Marshmallow Launchers for Micromax

Various launcher apps update their packages with the arrival of new Android OS. There are various launchers present in play store which you can download. We have listed few of them which are very popular at the end of this post.

Please be informed that this is just a launcher and this is not going to affect or change the system settings. It will just change the way menu is opened and will modify the home screen (act as a theme in simple language). Also, the icons will be transformed and the apps offer several customizations features. Rest, you can check on play store about the features included in the launcher. Apart from these things nothing is going to be  changed. And, we would like to state again that this is not an OS upgrade. This is just a launcher.

In fact apart from these launchers, there are many other launchers which are just awesome. Just have a look at this page and download the launchers which you find the best. To know more about Android 6.0 Marshmallow check out its official page.

Android Marshmallow launchers for Micromax phones

Below are the list of Marshmallow launchers for Micromax phones. These launchers can be used on any Android devices.

  1. Google Now Launcher
  2. KK Launcher
  3. MM Launcher – Marshmallow Launch
  4. Marshmallow Launcher – Android M
  5. KK M Launcher -Marshmallow 6.0
  6. Marshmallow Launcher
  7. Others

The launchers include Marshmallow wallpapers as well.

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